In addition of the pioneering composite industries, composite materials are used wide range of non-specialised industries relying on their properties, costs and requirements. Well-known usages are referred below:

Glass fiber and carbon fiber tubes, pressure tanks and pipes are made up of composite materials such as glass and carbon fibers which offer significant advantage on weight, strength and capacity parameters.

Composite robotic arms, arm fixtures and tooling are used on industrial robots which are operated on press-lines, painting operations to offer higher load capacity, low deflection and safe operations as well as providing reduction on production time.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymers ( CFRP) are preferred to acquire weight reduction on bicycle frames which make bicycle comfortable and lightweight. Bicycle helmets are also manufactured by carbon fibers thanks to its effective resistance behaviour which provides safety.

High amount of brackets, fixtures, ductwork, pallets and other often hidden and typically less notable parts are made up of composite materials. In the overall, they have huge impacts on production-time reductions and weight savings.