ADENTE developed a composite-steel hybrid profile to integrate composite parts into the new solutions. We have a patent-pending Hybrid profile solution that is ready to use with outstanding advantages for different industries and applications where lightness and high stiffness are needed.

Hybrid profiles are manufactured from steel and carbon fiber with a main purpose of strengthening structures and construction elements with reduced weight. Metal profiles are combined with carbon fiber provide reduced weight and higher stiffness.


The innovative hybrid composite design is a new era solution for many industries by combining carbon fiber and steel. They are made by cutting edge manufacturing technologies.

Using the strength of the steel and the lightness of the carbon fiber, hybrid profiles provide an alternative to steel and aluminium profile with a unique structure.

  • Lightweight profile
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Unique and durable structure
  • Rigid bonding technology
  • Corrosion resistance


Oriented Fiber Placement (OFP) technology in filament winding is developed and used to manufacture high-performance hybrid profiles.

Bonding strength and performance is crucial for the composite parts to create a rigid body. For the manufacturing of hybrid profiles, state-of-the-art bonding technology is developed and used to join carbon fiber reinforced materials to the steel.


Hybrid Profiles can be used in different industries and applications to provide advanced strengthening to the constructional profiles. Typical areas that use the hybrid profiles:

  • Construction
  • Building
  • Marine Industry
  • Machine Elements
  • Aerospace