Superior Torque

Composite shafts are used for the transmission of torque. In this case, acquiring desired performance and efficiency is only possible with accurately connected parts. With the properties of carbon fiber, composite shafts provide increased torque capacity compared to conventional steel and aluminum shafts.

Ultimate Stiffness

High carbon fiber ratio with proper fiber orientations, our composite shaft provide ultimate stiffness for your applications. We are able to design and manufacture composite shafts with superior mechanical properties and low weight. Our main goal is to serve you the most feasible shaft depending on your torque, strength and weight requirements.


ADENTE is capable of using filament winding and braiding technologies to manufacture high-performance composite shafts. Depending on the required mechanical properties, in-house developed Oriented Fiber Placement (OFP) or braiding technologies can be used with optimized fiber orientations can be used.

Since our filament winder and winding algorithm were developed in-house, we are capable of providing customized shaft dimensions with different diameters and lengths. In addition, customized geometrical shapes -such as conical ones- can be manufactured with our algorithm.


By focusing on your usage area, we are offering the most proper composite shaft and couplings to satisfy your requirements with experienced engineered solutions.

Automotive & Motorsports

Driveshafts are mostly used in the automotive industry to transmit torque as a lightweight alternative. The superior advantage of stiffness to weight ratio allows vehicles to be fuel-efficient by weight reduction. High torque value can be achieved by benefiting from the mechanical properties of carbon fiber and its manufacturing processes.


In marine applications where high fatigue behaviour and torque transmission capacities are required, composite shafts come into action to provide long life and satisfying mechanical properties mostly used on engine subsystems.

Industrial Applications

From small scale to large scales, composite shafts are preferred in a wide range of industrial applications. Composite shafts provide weight reduction, torque transmits capacity, durability, long fatigue resistance depending on the application.


Composite transmission shaft usage is rapidly increasing in the aerospace industry as well as other composite materials in this industry. Composite shafts have huge benefits on the aerospace industry by having long fatigue life, high stiffness to weight ratio, high durability as well as offering weight reduction.

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