The use of composite casing for pipes has increased significantly during the last decade. Composite pipes are widely used in oil and gas transportation, injection lines, acid and oil transportation, water injection, tubing and casing ,disposal water formation line, production wells and a lot more.

They are widely used because of their unique properties and a virtually zero maintenance cost.


Composite pipes have numerous advantages over steel pipes. The most important advantage is corrosion resistance that enables long operational time with composite pipes. Thus, composite pipes also provide a cost effective alternative and reduced weight over steel pipes with no maintenance cost and easy handling.  Depending on the different conditions, thermal conductivity results in less heat losses in terms of heat transfer.

Advantages of composite pipes:

  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Outstanding durability
  • Suitable for mass production
  • Precise fiber orientation
  • Negligible maintenance


ADENTE is capable of manufacturing composite pipes with filament winding. With our experienced engineering team, we are able to create innovative solutions using cutting-edge filament winding technology.

Our engineering team is capable of responding rapidly to your requirements with innovative and experienced solutions. As ADENTE, we are building and using advanced engineering technologies.

You can take a look at our composite oil pipe flyer:

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