Our products are manufactured precisely with our highly skilled engineering approaches to satisfy your demand. All of the composite products are manufactured after a detailed feasibility analysis, R&D studies and critical design to ensure safety, accuracy and high quality.

ADENTE is capable of manufacturing a wide range of composite products and prototypes customize our machine, methods and composite products to create a solution for your requirements.

Since we are an R&D company, our product range is not limited but can be simply listed as;

Composite Robot Arm

Robotic arms are used to carry such products in the automation industry. High-strength carbon fiber offers high load capacity and low deformation at the same time.

Our composite robotic arms can carry much more than payloads compared to conventional composite arms such as aluminium and steel. Carbon fiber provides; Low Deformation, Outstanding Mechanical Properties, High Vibrational Stability, Safety and Fast Production

Carbon Fiber Tube

Carbon fiber tubes are used in a wide range of applications, including tactical ladders, systems, rods and beams. Carbon fiber is frequently preferred over conventional materials like aluminium, steel, and titanium due to the high advantages such as low weight, high mechanical properties.

We can design, analyse and manufacture the best suitable carbon fiber pipes depending on your requirements.

Composite Shaft

Composite shafts are used for the transmission of torque. In this case, acquiring desired performance and efficiency is only possible with accurately connected parts. With the properties of carbon fiber, composite shafts provide increased torque capacity compared to conventional steel and aluminium shafts.

ADENTE is capable of providing customized shaft dimensions with different diameters and lengths. In addition, customized geometrical shapes -such as conical ones- can be manufactured with our algorithm.

Hybrid Profiles

ADENTE developed a composite-steel hybrid profile to integrate composite parts into the new solutions. Hybrid profiles are in patent-pending status and ready to use with outstanding advantages for different industries and applications where lightness and high stiffness are needed.

The innovative hybrid composite design offers new era solutions for many industries by combining carbon fiber and steel with cutting edge manufacturing technologies.

Composite Roller

Composite rollers provide many advantages over conventional rollers. One of the crucial parameters for the id rollers is inertia. The primary advantage of the composite roller is providing lower inertia than aluminium and steel, thus resulting in a roll that turns at a higher critical speed.

We are able to manufacture the most suitable and durable composite roller depending on your requirements such as max speed and weight.

Pultruded Carbon Parts

Pultruded carbon fiber strips are widely used in the industry such as seismic reinforcement, machine parts, constructions. They have ultimate bending and tensile strength.

ADENTE is capable of manufacturing lightweight and durable carbon fiber pultrusion parts with customized cross-sections

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