What is Pultrusion Process?

The pultrusion process is a composite manufacturing process for fiber-reinforced composite products with constant cross-section. The biggest advantage of pultrusion process is to be able to manufacture of unidirectional composite parts. The pultrusion process provides a significant improvement to tensile strength due to these uni-directional (UD) fibers.

Application of the pultrusion process affects the mechanical properties of the composite product. Therefore, It is important to manufacture pultrusion composite parts accurately.

ADENTE is capable of providing pultrusion composite parts depending on your requirements. Our current carbon pultrusion parts are used in many applications such as construction and machine elements.

Application and Advantages

Pultrusion provides a higher level of fiber ratio that results in ultimate tensile strength because of the carbon fiber. Composite pultrusion parts are used to:

  • Strengthen machine elements
  • Reinforce to construction parts
  • Reduce weight in aerospace parts
  • Enhance stiffness in automotive parts

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Advantages of pultrusion:

  • Superior tensile strength in the longitudinal direction
  • Better fatigue life
  • Durable composite parts
  • Lightweight and custom profiles

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