Superior Mechanical Properties

High fiber volume ratio results in superior mechanical properties


The automated process offers a fast and cost-effective solution

Desired Fiber Orientations

Versatile orientations by our own winding algorithms

Customized Dimension

Suited for a wide range of diameters and lengths

What is Filament Winding?

Filament winding is an automated method to manufacture composite products with axisymmetrical geometries. The filament winder is used to manufacture composite parts such as cylindrical, rectangular cross-sections. The process provides winding of filaments (mostly carbon fiber) over a rotating mandrel in the desired orientations.

With this technology, filament wound composite parts can be manufactured with optimum fiber orientations. Hence, the process offers superior mechanical properties. In addition, filament winding provides fast and reliable composite manufacturing because of its integration with automation.

Our Competence

ADENTE uses an in-house developed filament winding machine that is capable to manufacture filament wound composite products with high performance. We are able to create engineering solutions with our cutting-edge filament winding technology and with our highly skilled engineering team by carrying out design and analysis activities. 

Winding Technologies focuses on filament winding technology for the development of carbon filament wound composite parts as part of ADENTE. In other words, we develop and customize filament winding technology depending on your requirements.

Our Technology

As an engineering R&D company, we developed a special technology for the filament winding process. Our filament winders use Oriented Fiber Placement (OFP) technology for the most feasible and accurate orientations of fibers.

The process works with our special algorithm to achieve optimum performance for the specific cost, properties, and time. In addition, It is adaptable to the different processes with different materials. Fiberglass filament winding can be performed as well as carbon filament winding to reach the most feasible solutions.

We use mostly carbon fiber for the manufacturing of filament wound composite parts. Placing carbon fiber in the appropriate orientations allows a wide range of opportunities for industrial applications.

With the OFP Technology you can benefit from many advantages from the filament wound composite parts:

  • High fiber volume ratio
  • Accurate and optimised fiber orientation
  • Robust composite products
  • Fast and fully automated process
  • Custom part geometry such as conical, rectangular

Applications of Filament Winding

Our capabilities for the filament winding method are beyond standards. We can customize and develop the filament winding machine and/or filament winding process to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Our engineering team is capable to respond rapidly to your requirements with innovative and experienced solutions. As ADENTE, we are building and using advanced engineering technologies.

Applications of filament winding:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Composite Shafts
  • Composite Rollers
  • Carbon fiber or glass fiber tubes, profiles and pipes

Some of our Filament Wound Composite Parts, you can also visit the Products page for more information

Sample Filament Wound Carbon Fiber Composite Products