As we are capable of process development, we have a filament winding machine that all systems including software and mechanics built our own team to manufacture various shapes and ply orientations of composite products.

With the advantage of in-house filament winding technology, we provide strong solutions for your requirements.

Performance of composite material depends on manufacturing process. With self-developed filament winding machine, we have capability to handle different kinds of projects in order to acquire best result.

Part of the process development of filament winding, most feasible result can obtained and managed to manufacture within material performance criterions.

Depending on the size and shape as well as performance of your special part request, our filament winding machine can be customized by parameters in the below;

  • The customized mechanism adapted to your part
  • Developed winding algorithms developed by us
  • Adjustable ply orientations to provide the best performance
  • Analysis of ply orientations and product performance
  • Adjustable cure and resin processes

At the start of the project, we may present a feasibility report that consisting of analyses of process, ply orientations, material selection, cost, strength properties of the process.

You can also look at our professionalized Filament Winding company Winding Technologies

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